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Accessories & General Materials Handling

ur accessories cover a range of areas.
Firstly on the left of the page is our rollers and belt replacement parts which are obviously directly related to conveyor systems, but we also design full mechanical handling schemes and systems, which ultimately incorporate many varying products to offer you a total material handling solution.

By the sheer nature of being suppliers of conveyor systems and equipment, Mobility also offer associated equipment and machinery to provide full system integration and automation. Examples of ancillary equipment for such schemes include scissor lift tables, tip units, turntables (powered and manual), palletisers/de-palletisers, vertical hoist units, chutes and plough or pusher units to guide products.

An Assortment Of Screw Adjustable Feet Mezzanine Floor Example A Selection Of Bearings

Lift tables, tilt/tip units and turntables (powered and manual) are usually integrated in production and assembly lines where work is carried out sequentially, such as panel building, door/window manufacture and palletising. Plough, pusher and chain transfer units allow the separation and transfer of products from one line to another, which can also incorporate the use of photo electric cells. For example:- counting products or batches for packing, ie, once a count is reached (via a photocell), the plough will operate to divert the product down/onto a separate line or chute.

Here at Mobility, we are not restricted to one specific area of the mechanical handling environment, but are horizontally diversified to offer complete turnkey projects, such as electrical and mechanical services, office partitioning, suspended ceilings and storage equipment. Raised storage platforms (mezzanine floors) have always been an area of incorporation within the conveyor industry. We offer full detailed design and supply of mezzanine floors, whether in conjunction with conveyors or not, complete with (optional) access stairways, hand rail, kickboard etc.

Also at Mobility, we can provide a large range of replacement parts and accessories (bearings, castors etc). These accessories are not only available for the products that we sell but for any conveyor system. We will spec and quote for parts for your individual system even if you did not purchase the initial system from us.

Various Sizes Of Lift Tables

General Lift Table Configurations
500kgs To
600mm To
1000mm x 800mm To
3000mm x 2000mm
12 Sec To
60 Sec
0.37kw To

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