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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are generally used on assembly/packing lines, or in clean areas such as the food and the pharmaceutical industries. Belt conveyors will utilise either PVC / PU (smooth or gripped), Rubber or Modular depending on the application.

Modular Belt Conveyor Horizontal Twin Strand Take Off Conveyor Belt Conveyor Incline

Belt systems can either be fixed speed or variable speed. Variable speed units use a speed controller called an inverter (please note that where variable speed units are used, the nominal speed can be increased and decreased by approximately 35%), most fixed and variable speed systems can be run on both 3 phase or single phase.

The drive will be either:- an externally mounted shaft driven motor (for heavier or long distance loads), or a motorised drive drum (a fairly recent development in materials handling solutions) where the motor is self contained within the leading roller. For single direction the construction will usually be end drive tail tension, and for reversible systems the construction will be centre drive and tension.

Incline Belt Conveyor Modular Belt Conveyor 1 Swan Neck Belt Conveyor

Typically they directly convey individual products prior to packing/packaging. Normally belt systems run from 7m/min up to approximately 30m/min. Depending on the design. Loads of up to 100KG can be accommodated.

The Mobility Tracking Belt Conveyor (images below) is built to the most modular of designs, and arrives at the client with either a single or three phase plug (depending on the physical length) ready for immediate usage. The Unique selling proposition of the tracker is it's tracking strip profiles on the underside of the belt, which eliminates the problem of endless tracking difficulties.

Swan Neck Belt Conveyor Swan Neck Belt Conveyor Incline Belt Conveyor

To meet the demands of growing sectors, and as part of our standardisation plans we have now developed the stainless steel tracker conveyor, to be used mainly in the food industry or in situations where there is water or a moist atmosphere. Motorised drum, frames and supports are in stainless steel, so too are the optional guides.

Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor
Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor
Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor
General Belt Conveyor Configurations
Belt Width: Standard sizes are from 100mm to 1200mm, although most lengths can be achieved
Module Length: Typically 1m to 6m (shippable, complete with drive and controls), any longer length will be achieved via coupling conveyors together, but will need installing
Drive Type: 1) Drive drum, 2) External (shaft mounted) motor, or 3) Centrally underslung
Belt Type: PVC, PU, Rubber, Flighted, Modular
Speed: Range from 3m/min to 40m/min, but speeds can be variable (ie, +/-35%) via an inverter

Mobile Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor For Bumpers
Mobile Incline Belt


In addition to standard horizontal and incline belt conveyors Mobility also offer bespoke systems including spiral conveyors for accumulating, cooling down or space saving operations. Photographs below illustrate the types of systems previously supplied. One of the main advantages of the spiral system is that although the operation is declining there may not be the need for flights as each level is at a slight angle (this depends on the nature of the product and the friction between surfaces). The maximum belt width for a spiral turn is 300mm, but for wider products separate belts will be used together to create wider systems.


Spiral Conveyor 01
Spiral Conveyor 02
Spiral Conveyor 03

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