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High quality belting is the essential ingredient for belt conveyors and they come in various shapes and forms.

The information below is to highlight the different belts we use. We do not supply belting as a single product - Only to existing clients who already have one of our conveyors on site.

In addition to the traditional forms of belting (below) Mobility also offer the more modern Modular Belt (see images below). Modular (plastic) belting is now being used more frequently on belt conveyor systems because of it's durability and it's multi-functional properties. Modular belting is generally constructed from either polypropylene (temperature range of +5 Degrees to +105 Degrees), polyethylene (temperature range of -70 Degrees to +65 Degrees) or polyacetal (temperature range of -40 Degrees to +60 Degrees). As it is a series of links, the belt can be constructed to suit the application. Eg, the links can be very narrow to allow small end drums for transferring products, Or, the belt can be an opened top flush grid to allow air or water to be passed through the belt, Or, the belt can have a radius flush grid for use on bends. The modular belts can also incorporate a grip top for inclines.

Modular Belt - M1233 Flush Grid
Modular Belt - M2510 Flat Top
Modular Belt - M2511 Mesh Top
Modular Belt - M2530 Flush Grid
Modular Belt - M2530 Flush Grip Top
Modular Belt - M2540 Radius Flush Grid
Modular Belt 1
Modular Belt 2
Modular Belt 3

The traditional pvc/pu belting is still widely used due to it being more cost effective than modular belting, and in instances such as horizontal packing, picking or assembly lines etc, we would generally propose using smooth PVC, or where the belt is in contact with food we would recommend food grade PU. If an elevation is required we would recommend a grip face rubber belt, although if the angle of inclination exceeds approximately 24 Degrees then the belt would have to include flights. Many belts have a woven back which helps grip the end and return rollers, and in addition to this we also supply belts that have tracking strip profiles underneath which folds down over the steel skid base, therefore no tracking is required.

A Selection Of Belts
Smooth PVC Belt
Modular Belt

As with all our products, you can either issue us a specification to work to, or ask our advice on which would be the most suitable for the application.

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