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Gravity Conveyors

Gravity systems have the following advantages:-
Affordable - Reliable - Durable - Modular

All gravity conveyors are constructed from a number of components, ie, a drilled frame (usually an angle or channel section), rollers (complete with swaged or flanged bearings), shafts to mount the rollers and bearings (can be drilled, hexagon, spring loaded, stubbed or threaded).

Gravity systems are used in such instances as conveying cardboard boxes, plastic totes etc. for either, simply transporting from a to b, or for use in Kanban scenarios. As the title states gravity means just that, using the force of gravity to move products. There is no power, hence it is simple and extremely cost effective. You can either free wheel the products manually (horizontally) or include a slight decline to allow a fall over a certain distance.

Gravity Example 1
Gravity Conveyor System
Pallet Rails

Because gravity conveyors are extremely modular they can be utilised in many ways. They can form a crucial role when linked to the end of a powered system, for such purposes as packing and accumulation, or they can actually form a full production line, such as PC Assembly, Bedding, Industrial Batteries, General Packing etc.

Gravity Curve Example 1
Gravity Example 1
Gravity Ball Table

Standard Dimensions:- Diameters range from 25mm (light duty - approximately 10kgs per roller) to 75mm (heavy duty - approximately 600kgs per roller); Lengths are infinite, ie, we can manufacture a 500mm stand alone section or a series of 3000mm lengths to achieve the finished length. Widths are usually in increments of 50mm, ie, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm etc.

Finishes:- The standard finish to gravity tracks is mild steel self colour rollers & painted frames; Optional finishes are 1) Bright Zinc Plated, 2) Stainless Steel, and 3) Plastic


Gravity Frame Detail Gravity Curve Example 2 Ball Table

The main component in any gravity system is the roller (see our accessories/roller section) these can be supplied in a variety of forms to suit the application, e.g. mild steel, stainless steel or plastic - straight, tapered or split parallel for bends. Gravity systems also come in various forms such as fixed horizontal/decline tracks, free standing or flexible/extendable tracks. Because of the flexibility of gravity systems, the client can form their own custom built working environment.

Mobility also offer a standard range of light duty gravity conveyors utilising small diameter plastic or stainless steel rollers within aluminium or stainless steel channel frames - predominantly used in the food and packaging industries - where small, light products can be conveyed in a speedy manner - Please click to go directly to the light duty gravity page.

Gravity Conveyor Configurations
Module Length: Generally supplied in 3m modules, complete with adjustable supports
Roller Width: Standard sizes are from 100mm and increase in increments of 50mm, although any length can be achieved
Roller Diameter: Available in 25, 38, 50, 63 & 75mm - Larger diameter drums are also manufactured
Roller Pitch: This depends on which diameter rollers are used, but are usually at 50, 60, 75, 100 & 150mm
Roller Type: Mild Steel (self colour), Bright Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel or Plastic

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As well as traditional gravity roller conveyors, we also offer our range of versatile systems (illustrated below) - Firstly there is the telescopic gravity system, ie, the sections slide under each other. Alternatively, there is the more adaptable, and more widely used, gravityflex conveyor, which can be extended or retracted to suit the required length (please see configuration table below), and also can be manipulated to form curves and bends. All projects are individual, therefore you supply us with information such as:- a description of the product (weights and dimensions) and production environment, and we will tailor the most suitable set of components to create the most effective scheme.


Telescopic Gravity Track
Telescopic Gravity Conveyor
Flexible Gravity Track
Flexible Gravity Conveyor (Skatewheel & Roller)

Gravityflex Conveyor Configurations
Track Width: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1200mm
Module Length (Wheel): 510mm To 1500mm, 626mm To 2000mm, 900mm To 3000mm, 1016mm To 3500mm, 1290mm To 4500mm, 1406mm To 5000mm, 1680mm To 6000mm, 1796mm To 6500mm, 2070mm To 7500mm, 2186mm To 8000mm, 2460mm To 9000mm & 2576mm To 9500mm
Module Length (Roller): 740mm To 1500mm, 940mm To 2000mm, 1360mm To 3000mm, 1560mm To 3500mm, 1980mm To 4500mm, 2180mm To 5000, 2600mm To 6000mm, 2800mm To 6500mm, 3220mm To 7500mm, 3420mm To 8000mm, 3840mm To 9000mm, 4040mm To 9500mm
Roller/Wheel Diameter: 50mm
Roller/Wheel Pitch: 125mm
Roller Type: Plastic Wheel, Steel Wheel, Plastic Roller, Steel Roller
Track Height Adjustable: 450mm To 700mm, 650mm To 1100mm, 900mm To 1600mm

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Gravity Roller Schematic
(For Illustration Purposes Only)

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