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Please Note:- It is important to understand that NO company is too big or small, we supply to companies ranging from sole traders (who either need conveyors/materials handling for their workshops or as parts of projects for end users) upto very large multi-national organisations, requiring automation or semi automation - and we welcome all new clients
Armax have supplied to most industries including:- Agriculture, Automotive, Clothing, Computers, Construction, Distribution, Electronics, Food, Manufacturing, Mail Order, Mining, Nuclear, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Pottery, Recycling, Textile, Transport, Warehousing, Waste management & White goods.
January 2007 - Due to the success of both Armax & it's parent company, Mobility Engineering (Cheshire) Limited - they decided to merge and operate under the same roof, and under the same trading name - Mobility Engineering (Cheshire) Limited. This was a strategic move to have more control over resources, to strengthen it's position in the market place.
November 2003 - An existing client of Armax were awarded the contract to supply the production lines to a Japanese company who will produce the UK's first plug and play solar panels in the UK. The Solar Panels will be on sale in the UK in 2004. Armax are supplying all the bespoke conveyors for the production and packaging processes, including a three tier curing conveyor and three cruciform conveyors for rotating the panels.
October 2003 - New clients have included an off shore (Guernsey) internet mail order company who specialise in printing consumables. Armax supplied a two tier lineshaft system to aid them in their rapid increase in production and packaging requirements. Also supplied two lineshaft lanes to a blue chip 'sticky tape' company, which will work in conjunction with one of their adhesive mix lines.
August 2003 - Supplied gravity conveyors to one of the UK's largest IT suppliers and were awarded the contract to supply various conveyors to the worlds most well known refrigerator supplier, helping them expand further into the commercial (rather than domestic) sector. Also installed powered roller and slat conveyors to a UK company who manufacture the engine castings for a large motor manufacturer.
June 2003 - Supplied and installed further inter-floor conveyors for Canadian shoe store in London, which is part of their European expansion plans. Also began new relationships with two packaging companies, Armax now being the preferred materials handling supplier.
May 2003 - Gained a large order for the supply of food quality belt and lineshaft conveyors which are to conveyor finished blocks of cheese from the production area, around the factory (on various levels) and finish in the chiller room
April 2003 - Currently finalising the exportation of a Sushi Conveyor System to Beirut (a chain of hotels, restaurants & health clubs) & also gained contract to supply cheese producing factory in Southern Ireland with a full lineshaft and belt conveyor system for their packing warehouse.
March 2003 - Initialised Project 2 for Canadian shoe store / construction company, with a possible 5 more to be completed by the end of 2003 (this has led to Armax gaining CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Certification). Also supplied Stainless Steel Modular Belt Conveyors to two food companies, one of which's client is one of the world's largest fast food retailers.
January 2003 - Supplied Complete gravity system to one of the UK's leading automotive engine builders to aid in the build and production of engine blocks, and are looking at fully automating the 'engine wash line' prior to final build and inspection. Completed two large batches of rollers for a client in Southern Ireland.
November 2002 - Supplied various conveyor systems to a UK Company who have entered into a joint venture with an Iranian Co, who will manufacture in Iran. Their expansion plans will continue into quarter three of 2003 in their new purpose built factory.
October 2002 - Began relationship with offshore Flower Organisation, to handle their materials handling problems - second phase to begin in 1st quarter of 2003.
September 2002 - Gained contract to install conveyor line in a major UK Alloy Wheel supplier's factory. Armax will also tender for the replacement of all conveyor lines in September 2003.
August 2002 - Began contracts for two separate printing organisations, who required manual and automatic systems, coupled with various lift tables for the packaging side of their operations.
June 2002 - Completed phase two gravity installation for major water boiler manufacturer and distributor to aid their Kanban philosophy.
February 2002 - Secured 7 new contracts, including a shoe store (this was due to a relationship with a large Canadian Construction Co - Armax now being their recommended supplier), rice handling and horticultural conveyoring.
December 2001 - Revitalised Corporate brochure & website to illustrate the materials handling field in a more precise and understandable fashion - please ask for a copy.
September 2001 - Armax Export gravity conveyor system to Malta.
August 2001 - The move of our Commercial Base to our new offices in Manchester is now complete - please note our new address and contact details.
July 2001 - Introduced lift tables and special purpose lifting units as part of our standard range of materials handling equipment, and extended our external printing service to include A0 colour CAD drawings - we will accept both AutoCAD plot and Dwg/Dxf files.
Armax Clients Include (Both Past & Present):- Accrapac Systems, Addison Project Plc, AIM Automation, Airtrek, Albis, Ampy Automation Digilog, Bobst Group, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Plc, Computer 2000, Essex Pyrotechnics, Ether-Tec International, Ewab Engineering, Fintrade Technologies, Flying Flowers, GE Druck, Gledhill Water Storage, Hydro Aluminium Motorcast, Ishida Qualitech, JCM Media, Lec Refrigeration Plc, Linpac Plastics, Mambo International, MAN B & W, Mount Packaging Systems, M-Real, Pauwels Trafo Ireland, Perplas, PCE Automation, Polaroid UK, Polymer Laboratories, Premier Leisure Boubess Group, Premier Seating International, Quorn Country Foods, RPS Engineering And Safety, Sajo (UK), Sprint Engineering Services, Terry Smith Group, Thermal Ceramics, Tilda, Wolverine Proctor & Schwartz.

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