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Overhead Conveyors

Overhead systems are used for two main reasons, firstly to optimise on floor space (therefore increasing the scope for production levels also for providing safe, direct access for operatives on the factory floor), and secondly for storage purposes. Generically they fall into two categories:- Fully Powered, and Power & Free Systems.

An overhead track is a 'C' section construction with a chain travelling through it, which holds the carriers (this is fixed to the ceiling or mezzanine floor via steel beams and structures). From the carriers the pendants are hung (positioned at a given pitch), which are designed specifically to hold the product. Our systems are designed either fully powered or power and free, with capacities ranging from 30kg up to 12000 kg.

Overhead Conveyor Example 1 Overhead Conveyor Example 2 Overhead Conveyor Example 3

This type of system can be used for such applications as spray painting booths and pre-treatment plants, assembly and test lines, garment handling and storage systems etc.

Examples of specific industries who use overhead lines are; cycle manufacturers, clothing distributors, mail order companies, automotive manufacturers and laundry services.

A more recent use of overhead systems has become prevalent within the retail sector, to aid in the ambience, operation and modernisation of a growing sector. Examples include restaurants, showrooms, clothing outlets and electronic accessory products. To cater for this we have designed a light duty track for easy fix to ceilings and mezzanine floors.

Overhead Conveyor Example 4
To the left and right are examples of light duty, overhead systems, used for customer information (left) and order placement (right)
Overhead Conveyor Example 5

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