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Product Specification Examples

Belt Conveyors

Example 1)  
Conveyor Length: 1500mm
Belt Width: 400mm
Overall Width: 504mm
Type of Belt: 2 ply p.v.c.
Angle of Incline: Horizontal
Belt Height: 900mm +/- 30mm
Belt Speed: Approx 20 m.p.m.
Belt Running On: Skid base
Max loading per metre: 10 Kg
Drive and Tension: Motorised drive drum 113mm, tail tension 75mm
Controls: Inverter wired to conveyor adjacent to motor
Electrical Supply: 1 phase
Guarding: Adjustable side guides
Finish: Powder coated blue








Example 2)  
Product: Boxed Goods
Product Temperature: Ambient
Conveyor Length: 3600mm
Belt Width: 300mm
Belt Height: Inclined 700mm - 1050mm +/- 40mm
Type of Belt: White PU
Belt Speed: 18 m.p.m.
Belt Running On: Skid base
Max loading per metre 5 Kg
Drive and Tension: 113mm motorised drive roller, 113mm tail tension
Controls: Excluded
Electrical Supply: 3 phase
Guarding: Full side guide one side, 1900mm long side guide the other
Finish: 316 stainless steel


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Gravity Conveyors

Example 1)  
Roller Width: 800mm
Roller Diameter: 50mm
Roller Pitch: 55mm
Roller Rating: 85kgs each
Frame: 2" x 2" RSA, painted BS 18-E-53
Supports: To Give 780mm +/- 100mm Top Of Roller
Side Guides: Both Sides
Quantity: 2 x 2,000mm Tracks
Accessories: End Stop One End

Example 2)  
Roller Width: 100mm (over bearing width)
Overall Width: 132mm
Roller Diameter: 35mm
Roller Pitch: 6"
Roller Rating: 30kgs each
Frame: 2" x 2" RSA, painted BS 18-E-53
Supports: None
Side Guide: 25mm High One Side Each Track
Quantity: 5 x 12,000mm Twin Runs


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Lineshaft Conveyors

Example 1)  
Roller Width: 600mm
Roller Diameter: 50mm
Roller Pitch: 83mm
Height: 850mm
Speed: 9m/min, 3 Phase
Side Guides: Both Sides
Drive Pack: 0.37kw - 2 Off (Complete With Drive Units)
Straight sections: 2 off 7300mm & 1 off 1500mm (slaved off 1 transfer section)
90 degree transfer: 2 Off (Excluding Solenoids)
90 degree bend: 1 Off
Blade stops: 4 Off
Speed up spools: 8 Off
Stands: 14 Off
Frame Section: 45mm x 180mm deep x 2mm, complete with fascias for cable concealing
Finish: 18 E 53
Exclusions: Controls, Installation (Please note that all conveyor components will be delivered loose, eg - boxed rollers)

Example 2)  
Length: 19,000mm
Width: 612mm Inside Frame
Height: 800mm Top Of Roller +/- 30mm
Rollers: 50mm Diameter @ 55mm Pitch Bright Zinc Plated
Drive: 3/415/50
Speed: Fixed Speed - 12m/min
Construction: Mild Steel Powder Coated 18 E 53
Supports: To Suit


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Powered Roller Conveyors

Example 1)  
Inside Frame: 1300mm
Side Section: 240mm x 83mm Pressed Section
Pitch: 190.5mm
Rollers: 80mm
Load: 455kg Per Roller
Speed: 9m/min
Travel: Bi - Directional
Stands: To Give 350mm Top Of Roller
Power: 3 Phase 415v, 0.55kw SEW Eurodrive
Guide Rail: Built In
Finish: RAL Of Choice
Quantity: 10 Off 1950mm Powered Roller Modules Complete With Own Drive

Example 2)  
Quantity: 3 Off
Length: 5000mm
Width: 700mm effective face width
Height: 380mm top of roller +/- 50mm
Rollers: 102mm dia set at 152mm pitch (mild steel, self colour) Rated at 300kg per roller
Drive: 3/415/50
Controls: None
Construction: Mild steel, powder coated blue
Exclusions: Controls, Delivery, Installation


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As with all our products, you can either issue us a specification to work to, or ask our advice on which would be the most suitable for the application.

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