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Gravity & Powered Rollers
The rollers are the critical component of the gravity conveyor systems, and are manufactured to many specifications depending on the application.
Tapered rollers or split parallel rollers are used for curves and bends and may be deigned to suit the project. Rollers can be mild steel, stainless steel or plastic, rubber coated, zinc coated or galvanised. The spindles may be spring loaded, stub axles, drilled and tapped or turned down with a male end thread.

Roller Detail 1
Roller Detail 2
Roller Detail 3

The actual type of roller to be used is totally dependant on the application in question and what product is to be conveyed. For quotation purposes we need to know such information as:-

  • Weights and dimensions of product,
  • The environment they are to be used in (e.g. ambient temperature, wet environment etc.),
  • If they are to be used in an existing frame, what is the inside frame width and at what pitch are they to be set at,
  • Should they be light, medium or heavy duty,
  • What capacity do you require the bearings to withstand.

Once these questions are answered, the correct type of roller can be produced. Please contact us for discussion or quotation purposes, and indeed for further information.

Roller Detail 4
Roller Detail 5
Roller Detail 6

Roller Types & Configurations
Tube: 25mm dia x 1.2mm wall thickness to 75mm dia x 3.2mm wall thickness
Roller Width: 150mm to 1200mm
Load Rating : 10kgs per roller to 600kgs per roller
Shaft: 6mm Bright Drawn Mild Steel (BDMS) to 22mm BDMS
Frame: Mild Steel - Painted, Powder Coated, Bright Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel - 40mm x 40mm x 5mm TO 100mm x 65mm x 7mm
Supports: Adjustable:- 250mm to 350mm, 330mm to 450mm, 430mm to 660mm, 610mm to 960mm, 910mm to 1520mm

As well as the standard steel gravity rollers we also have a standard range of light duty rollers (plastic or stainless steel) - Please click to see our light duty section

Gravity Roller Schematic
(For Illustration Purposes Only)

Roller Detail 7

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