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Slat Conveyors

Slat conveyors are predominantly used, and are ideal in such industries as food and pharmaceuticals (please see below OR to the left for restaurant conveyors), where rapid speed and accuracy is of utmost importance, plus they also have the ability to be washed down for hygiene purposes. Their construction is either an acetal or stainless steel slat, side flexing for bend sections - The most widely used in the food industry is acetal.

Slat Conveyor 04 Slat Conveyor 04 Slat Conveyor 04

The advantage of using slats, is that the can open up slightly around a bend therefore a very tight radius can be achieved - Usually 2.5 times the width (as a rule of thumb). As mentioned above, the slats are usually manufactured from acetal (a hard heat resistant plastic) or stainless steel and range from a width of 200mm to 500mm.


Slat Conveyor 04

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Because of their width, they will usually be mounted on a tripod support stand with floor levelling adjustability, and come complete with adjustable side guides, and, because of the low friction, can be ideal for the accumulation of products awaiting to enter machines such as labellers and packaging machines. As a general rule for layouts, because of the side flexing walls on some slat conveyors, the radius will be approximately two and a half times the slat width.

Slat Conveyor Configurations
Slat Width: Standard sizes are from 40mm to 400mm
Module Length: Straight sections will depend on 1) the loading, and 2) the product. Bend sections, ie 45, 60, 90 & 180 degree, need at least a 500mm straight section for the drive
Bend Modules: A guide to calculating the bend radius (inside), as a rule of thumb, is to multiply the slat width by 2.5 (Only use this as a guide)
Drive Type: External (shaft mounted) motor
Slat Type: Usually for the food industry the slats will be either acetal or stainless steel
Speed: Experience has shown that speeds range from 10m/min and 50m/min - although this is totally dependent on the industry type

Restaurant Conveyors

We have developed our range of slat conveyors extensively as we expanded into restaurant conveying. This was a reaction by Mobility to the increasing importation of philosophies and operational practices from far east countries such as Japan, where Sushi & Rice Bars have been in existence for many years. This type of restaurant began life in the UK in 1996 - Please click to view photographs and design layouts of installed systems


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