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Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic Loading and Unloading Belt Conveyors are the ideal solution for loading docks and general inside/outside work.

The Telescopic Belt Conveyor (TBC) fulfils all requirements for easy and efficient loading and unloading.

• All kinds of loose goods or unit loads (cartons, packages, virtually any conveyorable product)
• In or out of trucks, trailers, vans, containers, ships, trains or aeroplanes
• Receiving and despatching at warehouse/distribution centres, manufacturing and transportation companies

Telescopic Belt Conveyor 01
Telescopic Belt Conveyor 02
Telescopic Belt Conveyor 03

The Telescopic Belt Conveyor is designed to handle both standardised and non-standardised materials. The conveyor is easily adjusted to the exact length and height required for any application. The system design helps prevent back injuries caused by lifting or carrying materials. The TBC can be used with or without feed conveyors, or simply as a stand alone unit on a dock or from a warehouse floor. The most widely used telescopic belt conveyor, which can be used to load/unload a typical 40ft trailer, is the model outlined on the specification page - See below.

The illustrations below are self explanatory and show the general arrangement of telescopic conveyors, and the table at the bottom highlights the general specifications of the telescopic units.

Telescopic Belt Conveyor Diagram
Click For Sample Specification Of Telescopic Belt Conveyor

In addition to the telescopic belt conveyors (above), we also offer the standard belt or belt and gravity vehicle loaders, again for loading/unloading of vehicles. This type of unit is the ideal answer for company's who do not have a loading dock facility. The vehicle loaders offer the flexibility of being either sole incline belt conveyors, or can incorporate a manually operated gravity tongue at both the high level (trailer) and ground level (warehouse floor). This can be advantageous when there is a requirement for speed, and can also be used as a buffer store for accumulating products.

Vehicle Loader 01
Vehicle Loader 02
Vehicle Loader 03

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