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Telescopic Conveyor Specification (Example)
Overall Dimensions:
Overall Closed Length:
Total Extended Length:
Cantilevered Length:


Casing Dimensions:
Width Of Main Casing:
Depth Of Main Casing:
Width Of Power Boom:
Depth Of Power Boom:
Width Of Intermediate Boom:
Depth Of Intermediate Boom:
Width Of Front Boom:
Depth Of Front Boom:

Belt Width + 490mm
Belt Width + 320mm
Belt Width + 240mm
Belt Width + 196mm

General Specification:
Height To Top Of Belt:
Belt Width:
Belt Type:
Belt Joint:
Telescopic Drive:
Loading Per Metre:

600mm Or 800mm
Smooth Face PVC Top, 2 Ply
Clipped Joint Or Vulcanised Joint
Synchronised Frictional Drive Or Positive Chain Drive
50kg Plus 100kg End Loading

Control & Operation:
Mains Supply:
Mains Supply Connection:
Control Voltage:
Emergency Stops:
Belt Speed:
Belt Direction:
Belt Controls:
Extend / Retract Speed:
Extend / Retract Control:

415v Or 380v 3ph 50hz (EC)
Isolated Supply To Be Provided By Customer To Within 3M
24v DC
Front Boom And Main Case
500mm / Second
Forward (Loading) & Reverse (Unloading)
Forward/Reverse/Stop Push Buttons On Front Boom
250mm / Second
Pushbuttons On Front Boom

General Information:
Type Of Front Boom:
Mounting Type:
Colour Specification

Belt Leading To Gravity Roller Section Or Belt To End
Fixed Mounting
Blue, Unless Otherwise Specified

Light At Boom End
Power Height Adjustment + 3 degrees
Automatic Stop/Restart At Boom End


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